Chandeliers truly bring magical essence to every home. It gives a beautiful and classic ambiance to the house. You can put it in the living room, dining area, or any part of your house that you want to highlight.

The most popular chandeliers are huge and tall crystal chandeliers which made some people think that chandeliers are only for houses with high ceilings or large houses, which is wrong. In today’s generation, you can already find chandeliers with different sizes and styles. You can choose a chandelier perfect for your living room, a chandelier perfectly designed for dining areas; you can even find a chandelier for your bathroom.

If your house is not as huge as castles just like in the children’s story books where chandeliers are often mentioned to bring a majestic feeling towards the readers, and yet you still want to put one in your home, then there’s no problem with that. Today, there are already many small chandeliers available in the stores and believe it or not, still brings a magical feeling to your home.

Small Chandeliers for Your Home

Small chandeliers are becoming popular today, especially for hotels, condominiums, small houses, and in restaurants. In small areas, if you want to put a classic, elegant ambiance to the place, adding a small chandelier accent is enough for you to achieve that desire.

  • For your living room

This is where people usually add the chandeliers in their home. It gives additional beauty to the living room making visitors immediately see and appreciate the beauty of the house. No matter how small your living room is, by putting a small chandelier at the center part of the ceiling will create a classic ambiance to the place.

  • For you dining area

This is the second most popular area in the house where chandeliers are added on. The dining area is where everyone enjoys meal time together. After a long busy day, this is where everyone shares a comforting food and talks about how each other’s day went. A small chandelier accent will give the family a classic dinner no matter how simple the menu is for the night.

  • For bedrooms

Small chandeliers inside your bedroom create a romantic and solemn ambiance to the room. It creates a stylish and soft lighting for a more comfortable and romantic vibe. Add some simple curtain and enjoy a beautiful sleep!

Aside from home decoration, small chandeliers are also perfect for restaurants, condominiums, and hotel rooms.

  • For restaurants

If you want your restaurant to look classy and elegant, no matter how huge or small your area is, just add a small chandelier and it will automatically create an expensive look to your restaurant.

  • For condominiums

Home stagers today often use small chandeliers to accentuate the living room of small condominiums to give the area a highlight despite having a small area. It creates a beautiful view inside the room.

  • For hotels

Of course, chandeliers are masterpieces in hotels. It’s always visible in every five-star hotel’s lobby. Do you know those small chandeliers are also used to accentuate the suite rooms of five-star hotels?  Beautiful, isn’t it?