Pleasant warm water, the sweet-smelling fragrance, the delightful excitement of relaxation and subtle light– imagine yourself in the most de-stressing and cozy setting in the bathroom. All the comforts mentioned above are individual, except for the lighting. Putting chandeliers in the bathroom is a trend today. They can bring a hint of opulence and sophistication. Continue reading to learn how to choose the perfect chandelier for your bathroom.

Size Does Matter

One of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right chandelier is its size. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the size of your bathroom area. Obviously, large chandeliers would not aesthetically be fitting to be in small bathrooms and can eat up the little space it has. For small bathrooms, opt for chandelettes or small bathroom chandeliers. Excessive opulence can ruin the overall look of a bathroom.

Comfortable Position

It is a rule of thumb that chandeliers are considered an extra source of lighting, and added mostly for decoration, thus they are always supported by tubes, mirrors, crystals as refractive exteriors. Modern chandelier designers prefer to put chandeliers right above the bathtub (if there is). The position conveys the idea of intimacy and helps in a more effective relaxation. Although, be extra careful when installing the chandelier. Chandeliers heavier than 40 lbs. are typically installed securely. You should also consider the length of the chandelier from the ceiling. It should be not less than your height. This allows you to enter the bathtub comfortably. It will also prevent water from reaching the lighting when you accidentally splash water. Eight feet is considered the typical length of the chandelier over the highest point of the tub.

Style of the Chandelier

Ask yourself the following questions: How do you want your bathroom to appear? Do you prefer an elegant or remarkable chandelier? You do not need to follow a single style. True beauty and comfort depend on your individual perception of style. Using your own preferences will grant you satisfaction when the chandelier is installed. There are several styles, including modern, traditional, rustic, vintage, and much more to choose from.

Material of the Chandelier

There are several variants of chandeliers, and they come in several shapes and materials. Although, bathroom chandeliers compromise specific requirements concerning safety. Your chandelier should not rust, dim, or experience cable issues. The most popular choices for chandeliers in the bathroom include models made from aluminum, bronze and even plastic. Brass is the ideal choice since it is resistant to oxidation. But compared to iron, this material is more expensive. Several manufacturers make chandeliers with iron frames or installation. This is not recommended to be placed in bathrooms. You can also consult a chandelier expert or even an interior designer. The wide array of chandeliers is amazing, so it really depends on your taste.


The purpose of the chandelier is to light a specific area. However, the bathroom chandelier is not the only source of light, unless you prefer an intimate style. In several houses, bathrooms are lightened through a lighting fixture. Bathrooms that are not reached by the sunlight, you need to choose light bulbs that will last long. They should also emit mild light as a lighting that is too bright can make huge differences in light impression. You can also place mirrors facing the chandelier to reflect the light throughout the bathroom.