A rusty chandelier sometimes appears like a horrible, useless piece of metal at first look. However, its attractive structure says something else. Indeed, even without useful wiring, the light fixture structure itself can be reused into an appealing design for the house, garden or yard. A new layer of paint gives the structure that suits your style, from shabby chic for a bungalow to apple green for an open air seating region.

Excellent Painting

Before reusing the light fixture into something else, a new layer of paint provides it an appearance more appropriate to your house’s design, except rusty designs go with your taste. Polish the metal segments of the ceiling fixture down with steel fleece to take away rust and remove the luster off the current finish; this enables the new paint to stick well. For a stylistic appearance, paint it with light shading with paint spray, polish it down with light wax or petroleum jelly, and then at that point, apply a traditional white paint over. Polishing through the covers shows the hidden paint shading in more than a few spots and exposed metal in others. Bright colors like orange, apple green or yellow transform it into a state of applaud for making it use outside, while a lubricated bronze appearance fits into modern stylistic theme house.

Plenty Bird Feeder

Take away the majority of the electrical parts and attachments to change the crystal fixture into a feathered feeder and station for drinks. Once the ceiling fixture is painted in your picked shading and fixed with a nice coat for additional security, include cheap store saucers on top of each measured spot where an attachment once stood. Building glue or art epoxy grips each piece set up. Hang the crystal fixture from a long branch or protect it to a tough shaft or winged feeder base with locks. The saucers are sufficiently inclined to grip a little measure of water without danger of flying creatures sinking. Pot plates of plants can be utilized in exchange of saucers.

Spooky Spectacle

Dark paint and fake spider webs give that grimy, old light fixture a Halloween renovation. Put white candles or red candles that trickle red, imitating blood, in the hollow spots for a dreadful appearance, lighting the candlelight sufficiently long so the red wax dribbles down a little. Hang the light fixture from a tree limb close to other Halloween stylistic theme, or on the yard from a durable plant snare. A close-by movement-detecting strobe or remote-controlled light, entire with thunder impact, highlights the ceiling fixture, creating chills through the guests’ imagination.

Light Luminaria

A crystal fixture additionally makes a happy and celebratory light hotspot for a garden, yard or patio once the attachments and wiring have been taken away. One lamp style light holder’s handle circles over every arm of the crystal fixture. Candles, like Citronella, sit inside the lights to make mosquitoes under control. Shaded sparkle sticks make an encompassing, happy gleam for an open air party. The light fixture can swing from a yard roof snare, tree limb or wherever you want. Paint the crystal fixture itself in your most loved open air stylistic layout shade.