Looking for inspirational chandelier designers? Say no more! Here are a few designs you should definitely take inspiration from. We have also featured designers who have other chandelier designs you might appreciate.

Caboche Grande Chandelier by Foscarini

Created by Eliana G. and Patricia U. in 2005, the Caboche collection from Foscarini is the outcome of closely watching a pearl bracelet with different perspectives. The chandelier collection highlights the beautiful combination of spherical factors and modular arch structure. This piece is made out of transparent spheres made out of acrylic glass.

Agnes Chandelier – 14 Light by Roll & Hill

The Agnes Chandelier features an elegant design with a modular electroplating structure connected with segmented joints. They make the piece appear adaptable that is customizable to suit the needs of any space in your house.

Volver LED Suspension Light by Terzani

The chandelier features the designer’s 1st fixture designed solely for LED lighting. The chain drape over a LED bar produces a fancy and prominently modern statement piece.

Those chandelier designs would not be existing if not for the creative minds of passionate chandelier designers and makers. Here are three of the most popular chandelier designers and makers who are worth mentioning.

Niamh Barry

Niamh B. precisely characterizes her pieces as “light sculpture”. Barry’s Fouette chandelier alone appears to be an opus of a single art, however, incorporates LED lights successively along each edge, the electrical wire running smoothly from a cord to cord, while the elegant bronze holders on balance both lighten and mirror. Her artwork is all about equilibrium, shape, and movement. Barry says her work is inspired by the passion to make a sensation of sexuality and physicality denoted through the line. For her, the quality of the line vocalizes to the one looking and decides the color and shape of each piece. Barry’s interest is mostly about making light sculptures that bring people to a halt and create a relationship towards the one looking, the art itself and the room it is in.

Gianluca Pacchioni

An artist from Milan, Pacchioni creates metal lighting and sculptures, making pieces with the illusion of being light and moving from the heaviest raw materials. He says when you stand face-to-face a piece of iron, you are inclined not to hold or get close to it.  Pacchioni’s goal is to make you feel the contrary feeling. Anemone might appear exquisite but has a surprising weight of 270kg. He also produces methods to foster her art. An example is by rusting stainless steel to create a rough and smooth side or making rainbow colors on metal surfaces.


Serip, a Portuguese firm has existed since the 1960s. However, the company has completely shifted their concentration and style when they started their very first light assortment inspirited by nature in 2001. Their piece in 2008 named as Mysterious resulted to a spectacle. It features a completely different style of lighting. In coordination with other glass artists and craftworkers, they create customized and mass-produced glass chandeliers which are marvelously grandeur, providing the effect of solidified raindrops, waterfalls, and etc.