About two decades ago, chandeliers can only be seen in the dining room and foyers. However, in the present days, these certain barriers have been broken by architects. They incorporate chandeliers to every part and every section of the house, may it be walk-in closets, living room, bedroom, etc.  As the sizes of houses are expanding, the chandeliers are also enlarging. The emergence of very large chandeliers are an attraction to people’s and is considered as one of the best ways to make your own house a luxurious.

Arguments between classy architects and modern ones regarding large chandeliers are erupting on the internet. The pro large chandeliers are stating that these luxurious things are just right for the interior of the house no matter how small or big the house is. They included in their claim a Ceiling to floor chandelier in one of the most famous Casinos in Las Vegas. This chandelier extends from ceiling to floor in the center of the Casino. It’s like an inverted Christmas tree and people really love it. They even gathered testimonials on the perception of the players of the large chandelier. The summary of testimonials all boils down to the chandelier being so elegant and pleasing for their eyes.

Those architects against the ideas of large chandelier being displayed in low spaced houses claim that these chandeliers are a total waste of area and a total nuisance to the people and the owners. They also stated that this idea is not family wise since kids might play with it and break it instead. Chandeliers, according to them, “should be kept in a correct ratio and proportion with the volume of the house, else, it will be a total waste of space”. These arguments have been circulating on the internet, waiting to be resolved.

Talking about the largest chandelier, it is located in Oman, hanging glamorously on the ceiling of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Every day, 20,000 worshippers who gather around this mosque witness such beautiful sight. The height of the chandelier is 14 meters and it is as high as a 3 story building. The diameters of the chandelier reach up to 8 meters long. For the record, the chandelier contains 600000 crystal trimmings and more than 1000 lamps which are all controlled by 36 separate switches. The chandelier weighs 8.2 tons which are similar to the weight of two large elephants.

Chandeliers, may it be big or small, has its own aura that it emits, making people be fascinated with its beauty. For centuries more, Chandelier will drastically undergo certain changes. People will always admire that certain object hung in the middle of the ceiling. It is expected that more complex ideas and designs of chandeliers will emerge in the near future but the same satisfaction from the people are expected. Chandeliers will always be the best set of lights that will illuminate our rooms, bring luxury to our house, and capture the most attention of our visitors. It will always be part of any house, may it be big or small.