Chandeliers are basically not needed in the foundation of a particular house or an infrastructure. These types of things are called “dead weight”. Dead weights are things and furniture included in the design of the beams to ensure a strong and firm foundation- live weight, which is human beings, are included as well.

In a Civil Engineers perspective, chandeliers are deemed unnecessary. The most important are the basic elements which are light bulbs. However, in an interior designer’s perspective, these things make a house beautiful and elegant and above all, luxurious. With these came millions of chandelier designs made perfectly to enhance the elegance of your house. Chandeliers with lights of diverse colors, shining and glimmering diamond shape bulbs, rays refracting in the translucent glass that gives a wondrous glow are some of the basic structures of a chandelier.

Homeowners like their houses to be very presentable with their friends, relatives, classmates, etc.  To attain this, they incorporate in their house the most stunning and luxurious chandeliers. Listed below are the most luxurious chandeliers available in the market.

Palace Diamond Chandelier

The superb 50 light bulbs of the Palace Chandelier is what made it one of the best and luxurious chandeliers. These bulbs are positioned in the right places, making the emitted light pass through the transparent diamond glass. It has a finish layer of gold and silver with a height of 60 inches and a diameter of 46 inches. This special light bulb was made especially for Queen Elizabeth by Francis Williams (a famous chandelier maker). It was his gift for the Queen on her 60th birthday. There are still pictures of the room where Queen Elizabeth hung the beautiful chandelier that was admired by the people visiting the palace. Each bulb requires a 1.5 Watt energy thus, turning the chandelier on will just consume 75 Watts of energy.

Candlier (Candle Chandelier)

The Candlier is a chandelier with a design of a candle. The chandelier does not really resemble that of a candle but the bulbs are designed as if it was the light coming from the candle. These types of luxurious chandeliers are often found in vintage restaurants at Russia. The semi glow it emits as if it came from a candle adds calm ambiance to the room, thus, attracting more customers. The original candle chandelier was made by a French designer, Arthur Antoine. It was displayed in a hotel lobby at France and was admired by the owner himself. The chandelier has 12 candle-like bulbs on the outer layer and has 36 more in the inner layer. Its dimensions are 30 inches in height and 25 inches in radius.

Blossom Chandelier

A flower blossoming in the ceiling is how you can imagine this chandelier. It was perfectly designed to seize the eyes of the people. The Blossom Chandelier is superb if placed in the middle of the room. The petal-like layer of bulbs has its own color that makes it distinctive from the middle part of the flower. The blossom chandelier has its own various designs, big or small, but at the end of the day, it will bloom at night.