Have you ever thought of decorating your home especially your kitchen in a more unique and eco-friendly style? Where you spend some of your time, then you should make it as comfortable and amiable as much as possible.  Nowadays, Do-It-Yourself or most known as DIY are becoming popular all over the world because it is made mostly from recycled materials that give us a way to make a step in eliminating waste. Though not all of these ideas are absolutely recyclable it can still save a lot of costs. There are so many creative ways out there that have a desire to reduce waste through recycling. It is incredible how many examples of reusability we come across. It is necessary that we always keep in mind the ways to put what would waste that will go into a landfill turning into a good use.

There is really a satisfying feeling about making an object with the use of your tow hand especially is using a recycled materials. A light fixture such as chandeliers is an excellent idea to get started with DIY projects considering that they are precisely elegant and make a very remarkable impact in your home and will definitely brighten up your day. Rather than giving your home or kitchen a typical look, brighten it up by designing decorations from your unusual items such as chandeliers made out of plastic spoons.

Plastics spoons are more than just tableware. Even though it can be disposed of easily after use, recycling is one the popular way nowadays, and this using this item is very helpful in reducing the waste that is unnecessary for us and the ground. With your skill and creativity, plastic spoons can be a unique decorative fixture. Here is an easy, simple and low-cost DIY project to make a unique and creative chandelier using your recycled plastic spoons.

All you need is just a large clear plastic bottle, recycled plastic spoons, and some tools such as a hot glue gun or plastic adhesive glue, and a utility knife. It so easy to make and it only requires just a little bit of patience to cut and glue the plastic spoons and the plastic bottle, and you could create some lighting magic. It is polished and attached in a descending design for one, and layered to other. The effect of the spoons creates multiple reflecting lights from its multiple angles. The way the light reflects off the metal make this chandelier so cool and it takes a second to recognize that is just a recycled plastic spoon. The finished chandelier looks so brilliant. It’s a creative way to recycle stuff around your house and give them new uses. Put a LED light bulb in it and dangle it on the ceiling. This chandelier made up of plastic spoons that are considered as a waste has is an incredible, creative and unique result. Now you can enjoy this glowing plastic spoon chandelier they this could be sold or used as restaurant decor!